The Signia GroupThe Signia GroupReimagining the art and business of storytelling.

The Signia Group helps storytellers—content creators, niche publishers and brands—deliver rich, authentic and engaging content experiences on any screen or device.

Signia Group

Signia Nordics, Signia Media Technology & Signia Pacific

The Signia Group is an innovative digital media company with a bold vision to reimagine the digital publishing and advertising business. Our customers—everything from multinational media conglomerates to specialist niche publishers—rely on Signia technology for seamless workflow management, business intelligence, reporting, ad delivery and monetization.



Signia has a strong Scandinavian heritage. We’re headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with a growing international presence in the UK, Germany, Israel and Australia.
We’re passionate about building and growing an open digital media ecosystem as diverse as the audiences who consume online content every day, all around the world.

Who we are?


Signia is the holding company for a group of businesses that provide advertising technology, publishing software, data analytics and media sales solutions. Our products help content producers, publishers and brands dramatically improve user engagement and ROI.

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Signia Technology


Mosaiq is a revolutionary new publishing platform that helps you curate, syndicate, deliver and monetize high-quality digital content (including articles, photos, video, social tools and e-commerce products) while improving the performance of all five key dimensions of ad-supported media.


Mosaiq’s goal is to bring the grace and simplicity of print magazines to online publications… increasing user engagement, advertiser revenue and reader loyalty in the process.
Read our recent case studies to learn more.

Mosaiq e-commerce solution

Signia Media


Signia Media provides brands with high quality, engaging advertising solutions through our own in-house advertising sales network. We make it easier for brands to engage with consumers across any screen, anytime, anywhere.

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Mosaiq advertising solution


Fusion is an all-in-one professional management system for revenues, forecasting and real-time bidding. The Fusion platform integrates and streamlines your organizational workflow, from proposals to orders, sales management, advertising operations, and business intelligence.


Server Side Bidding

Fusion SSB (server-side bidding) incorporates real-time bidding (RTB), which can increase yields for digital publishers by 30-50% while reducing administration costs by as much as 80%. The SSB product module extends on our flagship product Fusion by adding new and expanded revenue streams for publishers.

Find out more about Server Side Bidding
Server Side Bidding

Yield Management Service

We optimise your cross-border traffic inventory

Setupad is Signia’s yet far well known product in Central and Eastern Europe. Setupad helps publishers to earn more from RTB without compromising the current revenue streams. Unlike technology-only providers, Setupad deeply cares about publishers’ business and provides service that is customised to each websites’ business model.

Small but significant advertising inventory comes from your websites’ abroad traffic. We believe this audience deserves better targeted advertising. Users abroad are able to receive high quality targeted advertising if publishers are willing separate their foreign traffic and sell it purely in RTB fashion.

Setupad has all the tools to make this happen, we will evaluate the potential of different RTB demand sources and proportionally allocate your sales. Our technology employs a user-based optimisation method and makes transactions seamlessly. This way we are able to deliver additional revenues that would be missed otherwise. Extra sales may generate from 20% to 70% revenue.

Case Studies

Circuit case study

The Circuit Climbing

The Circuit Climbing Magazine The Circuit World Cup and Performance Climbing started as an annual magazine with in-depth articles and immersive photography by the photo-journalist Eddie Fowke who travels the globe covering all major events. Print: Once per year, Online: Non-existent, Social: Large and growing followers and engagement on Facebook and Instagram, but with no [...]
Teknikensvärld by Mosaiq

TeknikensVä / Bonnier on Mosaiq

The Problem: Signia, as a long-standing partner and solutions supplier to the Bonnier Group sought to identify and design a content delivery platform to improve the user experience of their digital magazine websites.

We’re a diverse group of industry veterans with proven experience building groundbreaking technology, advertising and media businesses.

Our Leadership Team

Ingemar Johnsson at Signia Group

Ingemar Johnsson

Chief Executive Officer
Henrik Lohk at Signia Group

Henrik Lohk

Head of Business Development
Bo Lagerquist Group Controller

Bo Lagerquist

Group Controller, Executive Chairman
Toms Panders at Signia CEE

Toms Panders

CEO of Signia CEE
Michał Michałowski Chief Technology Officer at Signia Group

Michał Michałowski

Chief Technology Officer of Mosaiq
Anders Dahlgren at Signia Group

Anders Dahlgren

Chief Executive Officer of Signia Nordics

Signia Group is a growing and dynamic organization. We’re passionate about building a better, open digital media ecosystem for content creators, publishers, marketers and audiences alike.
We believe in empowering people to take ownership and accountability for their career and entrepreneurial aspirations. That’s why we’re looking for people who want to make a positive difference as part of a large team that encourages creative thinking, innovation and getting things done.

Signia Nordics
Signia Nordics
(Former Admore)

Narvavägen 7
114 60, Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 545 784 80


Tel:+47 90071634

Signia Media Technologies
Signia Media Technologies
(Former Adtoma)

C. K. Norwida 4
Gamma Office,
Gdańsk 80-280

Signia Pacific
Signia Pacific

343 Ferrars St,
South Melbourne
VIC 3205

Signia Central & Eastern Europe
Signia Central
and Eastern Europe

Brivibas str. 33, “The Mill”
LV-1010 Riga


Antakalnio str. 17,
10312 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel: +371 29127951

News from Signia

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DagensPS Improving User Experience

DagensPS announced today that they will be updating their site to improve user experience and to prepare for tomorrow’s advertising and financial opportunities.

Starting week 32 and beyond, DagensPS will be introducing new third-party content as well as a series of Native, Display and Digital Inlay ad products, all which follow the principles and objectives of the IAB Sverige initiative “Annonsvänligt Sverige”: to improve user experience while providing high value to advertisers.

Signia Group Acquires

Signia Group is pleased to announce their recent acquisition of SetupAd. This deal is Signia’s first step into the Eastern European and Central European markets.

Adtoma & Rubicon cooperate to automate the holistic auction & to enhance publisher revenues

STOCKHOLM, FEBRUARY 22, 2016: Adtoma today announced a partnership with Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), which operates one of the largest advertising marketplaces worldwide, to automate mobile advertising across Adtoma’s more than 25 billion impressions via Rubicon Project’s rapidly scaling Exchange Application Programming Interface (xAPI)