Adtoma & Rubicon cooperate to automate the holistic auction & to enhance publisher revenues


Integrates through Rubicon Project’s xAPI technology to add unprecedented value for publishers, advertisers and consumers

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STOCKHOLM, FEBRUARY 22, 2016: Adtoma today announced a partnership with Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), which operates one of the largest advertising marketplaces worldwide, to automate mobile advertising across Adtoma’s more than 25 billion impressions via Rubicon Project’s rapidly scaling Exchange Application Programming Interface (xAPI).

Adtoma, a leading provider of publisher centric ad management systems in the Nordic region, offers an incredibly premium level of visibility and engagement to advertisers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland, and is now launching into the UK and DACH regions.

Through this xAPI integration, Adtoma gains direct access to hundreds of programmatic buying platforms and tens of thousands of advertisers worldwide for guaranteed, open and private marketplaces across mobile, desktop, video and native demand.

This partnership will allow Adtoma’s publisher customers to leverage Rubicon Project’s premium pool of advertisers, supported by the Netric team, who are responsible for business expansion and technology adoption for Rubicon Project in the Nordic region. This integration enables publishers to optimise revenue in real time by having their insertion orders compete directly with programmatic demand for all available ad inventory. Adtoma’s publisher customers can enjoy ‘plug and play’ audience impression management with Rubicon Project’s advertising partners.

Ingemar Johnsson, CEO of Adtoma commented: “Through this integration with Rubicon Project’s state-of-the-art mobile advertising technology, our sellers’ inventory will no longer be under-monetised, and automated deals can be executed to compete with direct sales in real time. Advertisers will be able to execute campaigns safely and with improved, targeted 1st party audiences. Even the consumer will benefit, receiving the right engaging ad with a significant reduction in latency and page load times. It really is a win-win for all parties.”

Frank Bacher, MD for Northern Europe, Rubicon Project added: Rubicon Project’s xAPI solution demonstrates our technology platform’s fluidity and flexibility – an extensible open platform that partners can build on. We have proven through a rapid adoption of xAPI integrations with a number of partners around the world that we are leaders in the advertising space, and this partnership with Adtoma and Netric will add incredible value to automated advertising in the region.

In use across multiple ad platforms worldwide, and now generally available, Rubicon Project’s xAPI empowers multi-format ad platforms and large-scale sellers to optimise revenue across all sales channels.

About Adtoma

Adtoma is an independent and privately held online advertising and media management company founded in 2004 based out of Stockholm, Sweden.Their technology provides complete digital ad business workflow and operations, for delivering cross-platform and multi-screen campaigns.

About Netric

Netric represents Rubicon Project in the Nordic markets, being responsible for business expansion and technology adoption in the region. Netric has since 2011 added more than 3,000 sites and apps belonging to premium publishers in the region to the platform.

About Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project’s mission is to keep the Internet free and open and to fuel its growth by making it easy and safe to buy and sell advertising. Rubicon Project pioneered advertising automation technology to enable the world’s leading brands, content creators and application developers to trade and protect trillions of advertising requests each month and to improve the advertising experiences of consumers. Rubicon Project is a publicly traded company (NYSE: RUBI) headquartered in Los Angeles, California.