DagensPS Improving User Experience

Stockholm, 2017-08-17


DagensPS Improving User Experience

DagensPS announced today that they will be updating their site to improve user experience and to prepare for tomorrow’s advertising and financial opportunities.

Starting week 32 and beyond, DagensPS will be introducing new third-party content as well as a series of Native, Display and Digital Inlay ad products, all which follow the principles and objectives of the IAB Sverige initiative “Annonsvänligt Sverige”: to improve user experience while providing high value to advertisers.

“Engagement on DagensPS has grown in recent years, but if we’re going to keep growing, we need to adjust,” says DagensPS interim CEO Henrik Lohk. “We hope and believe that we can engage our readers both with content and a unique user experience.”

“It’s challenging to build a sustainable digital business with Native, E-commerce and Display ad products on a site that gets three visits a week and three pageviews per visit when the currency is ‘locked’ and the exchange rate is called ‘click’. We want to change this, and so we’re replacing the CMS and user interface for mobile users.”

“This is especially important for DagensPS, since the newspaper has established itself as an ‘OMNI news site’ for business people, which means that reading revenue is not included in the magazine’s possible business model.”

Since launching in 2004, DagensPS has delivered news summaries to approximately 100,000 unique readers per week.

For more information, please contact:

Henrik Lohk